the story of the humbled buyer

the flood

and the deer

Recently I sold a magnificent property on a small lake. I knew that there would be no problem with any flood since the house is on top of a hill and far from the lake ! But the small road to reach the house, narrow with its only one lane, is wiggling right beside the lake, there even are mirrors on the trees so we can « see what is coming » !

And well yes that is the exact place where the lake decided to invade ! It was panic time for my seller who called me on this April 20th to tell me that his moving truck could not pass on that road! I told the buyer to drive there to have a look at the situation. So he left with his younger son very early before dawn on the morning of the possession date.

They were driving on the foggy narrow road and all of a sudden came face to face with a majestic dear standing still in the middle of the road. They looked at each other for a while. The buyer told me that this was a decisive moment for him ! He realized that life is precious and that nature is wild, he understood that some situations are beyond our control.

Then he thank me generously for the quality of my work ! An angry man was transformed in a kind and grateful man by the simple beauty of a dear ! What a joy it is for me to see my clients happy ! I use this opportunity to wish to you all who are affected by the floods lots of courage and strength.

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