10 tips to

sell quicker

Your house is in a display window!

Think of your house as a product. In order to be competitive, it must not only be marketed at a fair price, but be
more attractive than others for sale in the same area.

Create a neutral environment

Buyers will usually decide whether to make an offer during the very first minutes of the viewing, after walking
into the house. A potential buyer must be able to project himself/herself in your home, imagine his/her own furniture in your interior.

  • You will greatly ease that projection by not cluttering the room with your personal belongings.

Put away your belongings

Once the sale is completed, you will have to pack everything. Don't wait, start packing before the first viewings.

  • The objective is to give an impression of space and volume - always valued by buyers.
  • To do so, put away some furniture in the garage, pack your bibelots, collections, pictures, decoration items and your books.

Organize your kitchen

Hide that food processor, that electric can opener, that crepe pan, anything that clutters your kitchen

  • Potential buyers must have the impression that they will have sufficient space in the cabinets to organize
    their cookware
  • If the refrigerator is loaded with magnets and child art, take them away.

Empty bathroom

Clear the shower and bath rim, empty shelves and hooks. Just leave the bare minimum.

Empty your closets

You would not believe how many visitors open and close closets!

  • To avoid any surprises, think ahead.
  • Empty your shelves as much as possible, to give the impression there is enough room to easily organize

Clean up your vestibule

Do not greet visitors with a pile of shoes and coats laying loosely. A vestibule should be entirely clear.

Get your paint brush

A simple coat of paint can speed up a sale.

  • If certain walls are dull and sad, presenting spots or stains, repair and repaint them.
  • Choose neutral tones, like white or off white - they make rooms look larger.
  • Do not redo wallpaper, but if the wall covering is worn out and outdated, apply a coat of white paint on the walls.

Fill up the space

You never converted that room which, up to now, was used as a storeroom? Help buyers see the potential. Furnish it!

  • For instance, improvise an office space, even if it means borrowing a laptop or a printer from a friend

Let the sunshine in

You will gain warmth, space and conviviality.

  • Clean all windows, letting in more daylight and increasing the room's brightness
  • Clear the view: cut any branches that are blocking the view from any window.
  • Open up shutters, blinds, curtains. Open up everything as much as possible
  • Buy new bright and neutral curtains if it can contribute to a new lighting in the room

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