the story of my slogan:

the red tractor

A home is where we laugh, where we sing, where we love each other. A home is where we say : « my sweet baby, my sugar plum, my honey pot, my love ! » Homes like that are the ones that I sell, that is why I can say without a doubt : «  I do not only sell houses, I sell happiness too »!

This fabulous slogan came to me while I was selling a house in Wakefield last fall. The son of the buyers, Brendan, a 4 years old quiet little blond boy, fell in love with the red tractor that was included in the sale. At each of the viewings he would ask his mother : « Mommy when are we moving in ? » And I would see his eyes shining with love and joy looking not at the house but… at the big red tractor !

Then his mother had the excellent idea to make him a huge calendar with all the remaining days before possession date. So every morning Brendan moves on the calendar his little red paper tractor one day closer to the magic day where he will become the happy owner of …the REAL BIG RED TRACTOR! Seeing the joy of this little boy made me realize that :

«  I do not only sell houses, I sell happiness too » !

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