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I make an analysis of the market regarding your property and your area at this precise moment.

I list your property at a fair but competitive price, in your favor.

I propose different strategies to enhance the look of your property and obtain viewings that will turn into offers.

I hire, at my own cost, the services of a great professional photographer (he is the best, I can assure you!) At every season change, he comes back to take new pictures of the exterior.

If necessary, I can propose a make over of your house by a fantastic and very professional home-stager (I will pay for the first hour of her consultation) and with that make over, I can assure you we will sell, at a higher price and quicker. (It works!)

I stay informed and I attend all meetings with the home-stager, workers, photographer. I inform you and keep in touch with you at all stages of their preparation of your property.

I suggest strategies so you can sell at a better price!

I help you fill out the VENDOR’S DECLARATION that is a mandatory document for all sales with a broker in Quebec. This document protects you and the buyer. I help you be as precise and as detailed as possible to disclose the history and the state of your property, this way you are more protected against a lot of problems after the sale of your property.

I collect at the same time all the necessary information about your property andits particularities. I then have at hand a complete file and I can answer any of the buyer's numerous questions.

I collect all the necessary documents for a transaction. If you need my help,
I can get the missing documents: location certificate, titles, tax bills, renovation bills, conformity documents, heating bills, warranties, permitted usage, zoning, particular documents related to your property etc. I give you back your original copies within the first
week since I digitize them all, so they are available for the clients as soon as they ask for them. I am efficient and fast!

I write all information about your property in both languages (French and English) to attract more buyers.

I write a very inviting and positive presentation of your property that attracts buyers.

I list your property on Centris, RE/MAX, Facebook (2 pages), Realtor.com.

I promote my “star properties" in a publicity campaign on Facebook or I pay specific advertising campaigns according to the season and the kind of property.

I install my digital key box on your door; it is a very safe lock-box that will contain your home key, which only brokers can open.

If you need any renovation work, I canrecommend qualified contractors who have proven to be worthy of my trust. These partners do not give me anything in return, their excellent work is my reward. If you are happy, I am happy!

I promote your property on specialized websites if necessary.

I disclose all the necessary documents on line.

I put my sign in front of your property.

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