The story of your parents:

their home, their life story

Last week I told the story of my parents moving from their home to the old folk home. I described how hard it was for them to leave the home they lived in for 50 years.

Their HOME, more than a simple building, was representing their whole LIFE STORY. The walls, almost alive, reminded them of their day to day family life and all the joyful musical gatherings we had ! They are a generation of stability, very well grounded in their neighborhood where children were playing freely in the streets.

They saved their money avoiding all kind of luxury. All was for their children ! Recently, I put a home like that for sale on the market. The owners approaching their 90 ‘s were « Aunt Réjeanne and Uncle Rhéal’s daycare » they saw a lot of kids grow up with their 5 children. Whenever there is a decision to take about the sale, I meet with them and with one of the girls so they can reassure them and deal with the reality of the home market.

What an admirable proof of love they receive in the twilight of their lives! Now my greatest pleasure is that I will tell them soon that a young family is ready to buy their HOME and make of it their own new and beautiful family STORY !

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