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With a Master’s degree from the Conservatoire de musique du Québec in organ performance and a BAC in musical composition from the University of Ottawa, I approach my work as a real estate broker with as much thoroughness and discipline as music in demanded of me.

To master an instrument as monumental as the organ, I had to be very picky and extremely disciplined, I didn’t have to be afraid of work. So I naturally transpose these qualities into the real estate world that music has demanded of me for over 50 years.

I play the part of the sale of your house that you entrust to me with my usual passion and my absolute dedication! When I made the leap from classical music to real estate, I approached this exciting new challenge with the firm intention of making my working relationship with you as harmonious and easy to hum as our childhood songs!


I love dogs, and I adore mine ! I am the owner of 5 tea-cup Schnauzers who weight less than 8 pounds each ! But since I am far from being an expert in dog training and dog behavior, I suscribed at a dog school with my most active dog : Jésus. Before you wonder about that choice of name let me tell you that my boy-dogs have opera related names : Ziggy is taken from « Starmania and from David Bowie’s song», Fantôme is taken from « The Phantom of the Opera » (and he is all white !) and Jésus is taken from « Jesus Christ Super Star », and that my girls have famous female French writer’s names : Simone de Beauvoir and Colette ! So, every week, Jésus and I we go to the dog school.

It is amazing to realize what a difference it makes in my life and in the life of my dogs. I learn to understand how they think and how to react towards them so they can become excellent « canine citizens » ! I know that experts in their field have a lot to teach me. I only have expertises in music and in real estate, and besides that, I have to trust other experts knowing that the best of them keep learning and take vocational training to keep at the top of their art. That is why I take regular vocational training in real estate. As a broker it is mandatory that I keep learning and I am lucky, it is easy for me since I love learning and I love school ! So ask me if I miss my classes with Jesus or my training in real estate ? Not at all ! My dogs and real estate are my 2 passions so I stay up to date in my field, I learn every day so I can become better at serving you. I must say that I am not sure that Jésus has the same motivation than me since I suspect he loves his dog school because there is a beautiful black labrador female named Piper waiting for him impatiently every week ! CLAIRE POIRIER REMAX


10 tips to sell quicker

When we say “open a door” we do not always talk about the door of a house but we often mean an opportunity, a new adventure, a new world. I love taking pictures of the doors of the houses that I sold, they are all different and all have been opened on new lives for my clients. The diversity of all these adventures always surprises me, my true HAPPINESS: to knock at your door and take part of  your projects and your dreams! 


I sponsored a contest on 104,7 FM’s radio station. I was asking the listeners to tell me what is making them HAPPY. I received hundred of marvelous answers : the cottage zero services-zero stress, watching tv under a warm blanket with purring kitty cat, family snow shoe trips in the forest, helping an handicap neighbour, skidoo with hubby, watching the wife cook, fill the bird feeders, a rhum & coke at 5, being able to have lunch with a daughter, being woke up by a happy dog, etc ! Yes ! HAPPINESS is simple and it belongs to the person who sees it since it is often pretty small and invisible to others! So where is yours ? Mine is in the smile of my HAPPY clients!

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