7 bedrooms! 01One of my clients, a 71-year-old single man was the owner of a great big house with 7 bedrooms. It was located on a small lake with a fabulous view! It was built by his parents and it was very dear to his heart.

We had lots of viewings from small families and couples but the main obstacle was that it was way too big for their needs. I knew that my seller hoped that the house would be bought by a family so that the house would be filled again with children’s laughter! But as we all know, huge families are a rare thing these days until…one Sunday a Dodge Caravan pulled in.

The first person who came out of the car was a young girl with blue eyes, black hair and red cheeks. She was wearing a blue dress. I thought to myself : “Wow… Snow White!” Then to my total surprise, came out one more little girl, another little girl, a third little girl, a little boy, a daddy, a mommy holding in her arms…a baby!

As soon as we all walked into the house, I told the children : “Go choose your bedrooms!” They all left totally excited, running to explore the 4 storeys of this dream house, I could hear them laugh and discuss amongst themselves! So, after the viewing and a family council, they decided to put an offer on the property and I was really proud to write down in the offer that :

“Lucy wanted the yellow bedroom on the 4th floor, Alesa the blue bedroom on the 4th floor, Sarah the flowery bedroom on the 3rd floor, Ryan the green bedroom on the 3rd floor, Julia the pink room on the 3rd floor, baby Rachel was going to share with Mommy and Daddy the main suite on he 3rd floor until she would be a big girl enough to get the purple bedroom alone on the same floor!”

My seller who, after being born and having lived all his life in this great family home was “in seventh heaven” and accepted the offer with a great big smile! His dream had come true, he could finally let go his family heritage with joy. As for Snow White ? Well, she had finally found her …7 bedrooms !