When I started my studies in real estate, I was facing a total new vocabulary. There were a lot of scary words that should scare you too ! So I made a list of « scary words » to help me learn and remember.

Here are some of them : weeping merule, vermiculite, iron ocher, ZIS, pyrrhotite, pyrite, radon, Stachybotrys chartarum, mass movement, encroachment, emphyteusis, limitation period, trust, irrevocability, Lacombe’s law, parity, deposit agreement, transmission declaration, Law 16, subrogation , location certificate, cadastral reform, hidden flaw, dull, conventional mortgage, resale right, quittance, assignment of lease, private seign, suppletive right, right of water drawing, transfer right, SCHL, CPTAQ, quota of shares, undecided co-ownership, right to withdraw, cadastral designation, trefoncier, superficiary… now all these scary words, and more, are part of my expertise and I am not scared of them anymore!

Have a nice week! CLAIRE POIRIER REMAX 819-744-1110