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I register you to a weekly email from RE/MAX that will let you follow the progress of the virtual viewings on your property.

I coordinate all the viewings of the other brokers and of all my buyers.

I question the buyers to make sure that they are compatible with your property before I book an appointment for a viewing, because a viewing represents a lot of work for you (cleaning, tidying up, getting out with your dog, asking family to leave, etc.) for at least one hour.

I do not ask for viewings if I am not sure that the clients are able to afford your property or without knowing if the buyers are well informed about important issues. (possession date for example)

I give you a report of the viewing so you know what is going on.

I organize one or two open houses if necessary. (I can also offer a VIP version of the open house!)

I call you or I text you at least 24 hours before the requested viewings, and I wait for your confirmation before booking the viewings of my buyers or the viewings of the buyers of other brokers.

I keep in touch on a regular basis so you know what is going on and how the real estate market is responding to your property.

I guarantee I will be 100% available for any question or request you may have.

I return your calls and I answer your emails or text messages promptly and always the same day.

Then I propose different strategies to react correctly to the market and sell!

216 Chemind'Aylmer
Gatineau, Québec
(819) 684-0000

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