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The story of my father

yes daddy, I did sell!

I think about my father’s short real estate broker career now that he is 84 and very fragile. I am amazed that every time I go see him at the hospital he asks me, even when his faculties are a little bit limited by his medication : « Have you sold Claire? »

How much pride is shining in his eyes when I answer with a great big smile : « YES DADDY I HAVE SOLD! » And now what nice conversations we finally can have at this late hour of his life when we share about real estate! It’s a last minute rapprochement that seals our relationship after a life of long silences between father and daughter caused by a lack of common interests.

So even if it is a little late in both our lives, we finally have found a common passion to share, and it feels real good! When real estate is a passion : CLAIRE POIRIER !

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